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Baldwin’s are delighted to announce the arrival of their new Managing Director, Neil Paisley. Neil joins from Colin Cooke Coins, where he has worked for more than twenty years, the last ten of which were as Director.

After giving him a few weeks to get to know everyone and find his feet, we managed to drag him out of the famous Baldwin’s basement and subject him to a few questions…

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Token Congress 2016

11 October 2016

The 35th annual Token Congress was held this weekend at the Hilton Hotel in Northampton.

Delegates travelled from all over the world to contribute to a fantastic weekend celebrating all things token. Over 100 token enthusiasts attended this year's event, engaging in three days of lectures, auctions, dealing, and beer....

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Classical Ode to an Enigma

23 September 2016

The Commemorative Medal is one of numismatics most interesting areas. A Commemorative Medal will hold much of the lustre and aesthetic beauty of a coin (often much more so), and they can also be comparatively inexpensive. The appeal can go further than that too – a coin, of course, will speak of history: what happened in the year or geographical region that it was minted; the reign of a particular Monarch; the dominance and fall of an Empire.

With coins, each singular item points to a significant historical age or a period of importance to the individual collector. And of course that can be anything from the Ancient Greek Civilisation to the reign of Charles II of England.

In the case of the commemorative medal, that historical period is vastly refined.....

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Hollywood's Archangel

15 September 2016

It is a fact that Military History is illustrated with countless tales of heroism and bravery beyond the imaginings of those who have never seen action. Feats that challenge the roles of ‘everyday’ lives; exploits that amaze and inspire; deeds immortalised in book and in film.

We’ve all seen them – the major Hollywood Blockbuster. An intrepid hero in his military fatigues, defying all the odds to reach his lost colleague / capture the enemy’s outpost / find a lost love. We’ve all been enthralled at one time or another by these incredible (and often fantastical) tales. Movies they may be, but our investment within these stories is real. And why are we invested? Why are we captivated? It’s a subtle yet effective trick that Hollywood pulls – they present the hero or the heroine, and then they give them a choice.

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It was one of the most memorable events of WWII. Not least because of the popular movie immortalisation, as well as Paul Brickhill’s best-selling historical account. It was May 1943, and the German dams at Mohne, Eder and Sorpe were well-defended: anti-torpedo nets hung from enormous boons; gunners on the dams themselves were armed with anti-aircraft fire. The risks were huge. The rewards proportionate.

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A H Baldwin & Sons Ltd are delighted to present their 100th and 101st London Auctions, to be held at our London Saleroom at 399 Strand on 27-28 September 2016, during the weekend of the International Coinex Fair.

These auctions mark a significant milestone in Baldwin’s Auctions history. It was over 23 years ago that the first ever Baldwin’s auction was held. Back then, the catalogue featured just a handful of images, and lots were pulled together from the vast Baldwin’s basement and a handful of nervous yet enthusiastic consignors.

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History is often written by the winners. So said Churchill. Jawaharlal Nehu, the first Prime Minister of India, elaborated: “History is almost always written by the victors and gives their view. Or, at any rate, the victor’s version is given prominence and holds the field.”

In 1842 the first Opium War ended. The Qing Dynasty was forced to concede indemnities, treaty ports and Hong Kong Island to the British. China as a nation was already suffering from the effects of natural disasters, famine and perceived overtaxation. Adding defeat in an expensive and unpopular war created a portentous mix. China seemed poised for an uprising. And it got one....

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A Penny for a Cup of Tea

2 August 2016

A cup of tea. As quintessentially British as queuing or a 3-hour discussion about the weather. It is, however, a stereotype that often rings true. The British as a nation drink on average 3.5 cups of tea per day. This equates to around 165 million cups per day. Or a staggering 62 billion a year.

Ingrained as it is within the British culture (think afternoon-tea, high-tea, tea-cakes, the tea-trolley, and so on), it is little surprise that it has enthused (and infused) millions. George Orwell, for example, was a notable tea devotee, and identified 11 rules for tea-making. These, he insisted, should be adhered to at all times – details such as warming the teapot before use, only using certain types of tea, etc.

Orwell’s list may have seemed a trifle obsessive, but for some unfathomable reason he failed to include the process of drying and grinding tea leaves and then pressing them into bricks to use as currency.

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A H Baldwin & Sons are delighted to announce the release of the latest instalment in our Fixed Price List series, available on-line from 19th July 2016 and in catalogue form soon thereafter.

Baldwin’s standing within the world of numismatics has never been higher, and this has allowed us to amass the largest selection we have ever offered as a Fixed Price List – featuring almost 1,200 top-quality (and often unique) items sourced from all over the world.

The strong British market is heavily represented, with some of the most sought-after coins in British numismatics. The long-standing popularity for both British Hammered and Milled Gold and Silver is strongly featured, with highlights including a very rare Henry VI Gold Noble (Pinecone-Mascle issue) and a Charles I very rare Pattern of Halfcrown dimensions on a 35mm flan, amongst many others.

The Greek and Roman sections are also.....

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On June 23rd of 2016, the UK voted to leave the European Union. Some cried, some cheered. British politics imploded. Shockwaves were felt around the world. Markets fell. The value of the pound dropped to near-record levels. ‘Economic Uncertainty’ became the number one contender for Phrase of the Year (The Word of the Year has already been awarded to ‘Brexit’).

Over the next two years, the UK will negotiate its exit from the Union. The ramifications of those negotiations are still somewhat shrouded in mystery, and the finer details are obviously yet to be resolved. No matter if you’re in the UK or elsewhere, the questions remain the same: will we be missing out? Will we benefit?

Amongst the wreckage of the political resignations and stock market turmoil, however, it can now be argued that ‘Brexit’ has created ‘the perfect storm’ for numismatics all around the world.....

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By Coin World's Jeff Starck

A huge collection of the British equivalent of American inaugural medals realised an auction total of £153,618 ($224,778 US) during A H Baldwin & Sons May 4 auction in London.

The Dr Robert and Joshua Feldman Collection of Official British Coronation and Jubille Medals featured 75 lots with 77 medals....

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The Argentum Auction

24 May 2016

Argentum: silver; the 2nd tier of precious metal under gold, but not without its own lustre and appeal.

The Baldwin’s Argentum auctions began at the start of the millennium, and on June 4 this year at The Holiday Inn on Coram Street London, it will be the 42nd time we have held an Argentum auction as part of the London Coin Fair.

Nothing quite beats the thrill of actually being there live, in the room itself. And not just for the obvious excitement of bidding on that particular Gold Solidus you’ve had your eye on for a while – it’s also the buzz of seeing for yourself some of the most significant events in numismatics....

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Auctions XXXI, XL & XLI

10-12 January 2017


Treasures of the Gupta Empire

A remarkable new volume

Chronicling one of the most important numismatic periods in the history of India.


Only available in the UK from Baldwin's