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Michael VII Ducas, Silver 2/3

Michael VII Ducas (A.D. 1071-1078), Silver 2/3 Miliaresion,...

Item Reference: KG57748

Price £450

Focas, Gold Solidus

Focas (A.D. 602-610), Gold Solidus, DN FOCAS – PERP AV,...

Item Reference: GG49550

Price £800

Constantine IX, Gold Histamenon

Constantine IX (1042-1055 AD) AV Histamenon 4.30gm.,...

Item Reference: KG58799

Price £720

Michael VIII Ducas, Silver Miliaresion

Michael VII Ducas (A.D. 1071-1078), Silver Miliaresion....

Item Reference: GG46713

Price £750

Nicephorus III, Silver Miliaresion

Nicephorus III (A.D. 1078-1081), Silver Miliaresion. Mint...

Item Reference: JM56607

Price £1,400

Nicephorus III, Electrum Tetrateron

Nicephorus III (A.D. 1078-1081), Electrum Tetarteron, bust...

Item Reference: KM59292

Price £1,250

Comnenus, Silver Scyphate Miliaresion

Alexius I Comnenus (A.D. 1081-1092), Silver Scyphate...

Item Reference: JG56608

Price £900

Comnenus, Billon Trachy

Alexius I Comnenus with Irene and John II (Coronation issue...

Item Reference: KM57313

Price £1,500

Alexius III, Electrum Trachy

Alexius III (A.D. 1195-1203), Electrum Trachy, +KE ROHΘEI...

Item Reference: KG60235

Price £500

Anonymous Palaeologan, Silver Basilikon

Anonymous Palaeologan (c. AD 1320) AR Basilikon 2.13gm.,...

Item Reference: KG59294

Price £600

Leo, Gold Solidus

Leo (457-474 AD) AV Solidus 4.47gm., Constantinople 462-466...

Item Reference: JM55528

Price £1,250

Anastasius, Gold Solidus

Anastasius (AD 491-518) AV Solidus 4.46gm., Constantinople,...

Item Reference: LM61377

Price £950

Anastasius, Gold Solidus

Anastasius (491-518 AD) AV Solidus 4.48gm., Constantinople...

Item Reference: LM62247

Price £1,475

Ostrogoths, Municipal coinage Rome,

Ostrogoths, Municipal coinage of Rome (c. AD 537-530) AE...

Item Reference: FG45878

Price £550

Focas, Gold Solidus

Focas (c. A.D. 503), Gold Solidus. ON FOCAS PERP AVI,...

Item Reference: GG48317

Price £575

Ostrogoths, Theodoric, Gold Solidus

Ostrogoths, Theodoric (AD 518-526) AV Solidus 4.41g., in...

Item Reference: MM64792

Price £3,000

Justin II, Gold Solidus

Justin II (565-578 AD) AV Solidus 4.50gm., Constantinople. ...

Item Reference: HG50352

Price £550

Maurice Tiberius, Gold Semis

Maurice Tiberius (582-602 AD)<br />Gold Semis,...

Item Reference: FG42363

Price £720

Constantine IV Pogonatus, Gold Solidus

Constantine IV Pogonatus (AD 668-685) AV Solidus 4.43g.,...

Item Reference: GM48178

Price £1,250

Leontius, AE Follis

Leontius (A.D. 695-698), AE Follis. Legend obscure, bearded...

Item Reference: HG51614

Price £375

Constantine X, Gold Histamenon

Constantine X, (AD 1042-1055) AV Histamenon 4.34gm,...

Item Reference: C189NM001977

Price £1,500

Maurice Tiberius, Gold Solidus

Maurice Tiberius (AD 502-602) AV Solidus 4.49gm, Carthage,...

Item Reference: C189NM001970

Price £1,300

Anastasius I, Gold Solidus

Anastasius I (AD 507-518) AV Solidus 4.47gm., mint of...

Item Reference: KG57532

Price £700

Justin I, Gold Solidus

Justin I (AD 518-519) AV Solidus 4.50gm., Constantinople,...

Item Reference: C189NM001969

Price £1,500

Constans II, Gold Solidus

Constans II (AD 641-668) AV Solidus 4.50gm, Constantinople,...

Item Reference: C189NM007744

Price £600

Justinian II, Gold Solidus

Justinian II, first reign, (AD 685-695) AV Solidus 4.42gm,...

Item Reference: C189NM001972

Price £3,500

Leontius, Gold Solidus

Leontius, (AD 695-698) AV Solidus 4.44gm, Constantinople,...

Item Reference: C189NM002153

Price £2,400

Constantine V, with Leo IV Leo III,

Constantine V, with Leo IV and Leo III (AD 751-775) AV...

Item Reference: GM49271

Price £2,500

Nicephorus I Stauracius, Gold

Nicephorus I and Stauracius, (AD 803-811) AV Solidus...

Item Reference: C189NM001976

Price £1,100

Basiliscus, Gold Solidus

Basiliscus (AD 475-476) AV Solidus 4.50gm., Constantinople....

Item Reference: C189NM001963

Price £2,250

Anastasius I, Gold Solidus

Anastasius I (AD 507-518) AV Solidus 4.52gm.,...

Item Reference: C189NM001968

Price £1,200

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