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China, Kwangsi 20-Cents (1925)

China, Kwangsi, silver 20-Cents, yr 14 (1925), inscription,...

Item Reference: CG31678

Price £45

China, Republic, Sun Yat Sen, Silver

China, Republic, Sun Yat Sen, silver ‘Memento’ Dollar...

Item Reference: C189015555

Price £250

Scarce Indo-China 20-Cents 1928

French Indo-China, silver 20-Cents, 1928A, Liberty seated,...

Item Reference: Z61795

Price £80

Scarce Indo-China 20-Cents 1929

French Indo-China, silver 20-Cents, 1929A, Liberty seated,...

Item Reference: Z61796

Price £65

French Indo-China, Silver 20 Cents, 1937

French Indo-China, silver 20 Cents, 1937. (KM 17.2; Lec....

Item Reference: Z66710

Price £45

Burma, Srikshetra, Silver Unit

Burma, Srikshetra, c. 200-400 AD, silver unit, similar to...

Item Reference: C189012837

Price £85

China, Han Dynasty, Yi Liu Huo Bronze

China, Han Dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD), Yi Liu Huo bronze...

Item Reference: Z66316

Price £200

Burma, Nan, Tok Money Ingot 20

Burma, Nan, copper/silver alloy Tok money ingot of 20 Ngoen...

Item Reference: Z64983

Price £75

Burma, Ciengmai, Copper/Silver Alloy

Burma, Ciengmai, copper/silver alloy Tok money ingot of 20...

Item Reference: Z64980

Price £150

Dutch India, Pulicat, Copper 2 Cash

Dutch India, Pulicat, copper 2 cash, ND (late 17th-early...

Item Reference: Z65131

Price £85

Straits Settlements, Victoria, Copper

Straits Settlements, Victoria (1837-1901), E.I.C., copper...

Item Reference: Z65011

Price £55

Netherlands East Indies, Nickel Token

Netherlands East Indies, Silau, Asahan Tabak Maatschappy,...

Item Reference: Z64760

Price £75

French India, Mahé, Pondichéry,

French India, Mahé, Pondichéry, silver fanon (1/5 rupee),...

Item Reference: Z64979

Price £65

British North Borneo, Labuk, Copper 20

British North Borneo, Labuk, The Labuk Planting Company...

Item Reference: Z65204

Price £260

India, Bombay Presidency, Silver ½

India, Bombay Presidency, silver ½ rupee, ND, in name of...

Item Reference: Z64977

Price £85

Thailand, Chiang Sen, Silver ‘split

Thailand, Chiang Sen, silver ‘split Ka’-kim’ bar,...

Item Reference: Z64984

Price £125

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