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Corio, Gold Stater

Item Reference: CC017

Corio, Gold Stater

The Dobunni, Corio (c. 30-15 BC)

AV Stater.

Obverse: Dobunnic ‘tree’ emblem.
Reverse: Stylised horse with three tails, wheel below, hidden face above.

Nearly Extremely Fine. Nicely struck ‘tree’ emblem. Very rare.

The exact nature of the emblem which appears on impressive gold staters from the Dobunni remains a mystery. Theories range from the so called ‘Tree of Life’ to an abstract celtic design. Regardless, examples of these coins generally exhibit very weak or worn emblems. This rare example, however, boasts a nicely struck design in good metal. A delightful piece of celtic gold.

(ABC 2048 var; VA 1035-1).