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Marcus Aurelius, Gold Aureus

Item Reference: KM60155

Marcus Aurelius, Gold Aureus

Marcus Aurelius (AD 161-180)

Gold Aureus, Rome AD 151-152.

Obverse: Bareheaded bust of Marcus Aurelius facing left, AVRELIVS CAESAR AVG PII FIL.
Reverse: Roma standing left, being crowned by victory standing in her right hand, TR POT VI COS II.

Good extremely fine with much original lustre, particularly high relief portrait of exceptional style.

RIC 452d. Calico 1942)


Ex SNC, October 2000, Lot #4055

The renowned philosopher emperor appears in spectacular artistic form on this impressive gold aureus minted in Rome. The coin bears an unusual left-facing portrait of the young prince – at this time, Caesar under Antoninus Pius. His portrait appears somewhat in the style of his heir, who would die a decade after this coin was struck, heralding the reign of Marcus Aurelius as emperor. The dies used to produce this marvellous coin are of notable artistic merit, engraved to an impressive depth. This combined with a brilliant central strike has created a gold piece of fantastic high relief.