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A message from our Managing Director

“Welcome to the Baldwin’s online coin show. This time of year we’d usually be attending the New York International Coin Convention, showcasing our extensive inventory of coins to a huge audience in the USA. Always a superb show, it is disappointing that the fair has been cancelled due to the ongoing pandemic. However, as with CoinEx back in September, we’ve created our own virtual coin show, hosted here on our website.

Along with our discount list, containing coins with reduced prices for a limited time only, please take the opportunity to shop our collections from the comfort of your own home.

In addition, we have two particularly exquisite coins on offer, as well as accompanying articles, allowing you to delve into the history behind the metal.

From all of us at Baldwin’s, we wish you a prosperous 2021, and look forward to the future when we’ll be able to see you at coin shows once again.”

Neil Paisley, MD of A.H. Baldwin & Sons Ltd.


Two of our experts, Dominic Chorney and Neil Paisley have written articles on a couple of very interesting examples…

A Look at Two Guinea Pieces

Ever since the early 2000s when I was extremely fortunate to acquire a 1768 Pattern Two Guinea Piece in FDC condition, I have always had a penchant and fascination these gold coins. Awestruck by the beauty of the intrinsic, elaborate design of this spectacular piece, it always fascinated as to me why…

Silphium: the Wonder Plant of the Ancient World

The North African cities of Cyrene and Barce, in Cyrenaica, were renowned for their exports of silphium. This ancient plant had countless uses, from medicinal uses, flavouring in food, a delicacy in its own right, to an aphrodisiac and even as a contraceptive. It was extremely popular across the Mediterranean in antiquity…


Our team have created a handful of short video’s talking through items that we hope you’ll find of interest…

ICONIC ANCIENT DESIGN: This tetradrachm was minted in Ephesus in Ionia, home to the Temple of Artemis, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Numismatist Dominic Chorney explores its three major design elements.
CHARLES II TWO GUINEA PIECE: Take an in-depth look at one of the best milled gold coins in Baldwin’s inventory in this video with our specialists.
THE LUSITANIA MEDAL: Mark Smith explains the historical significance of the liner that was sunk on May 7 1917, and its far-reaching effect on what became the first world war.
A SILVER COIN OF BOUDICCA: We examine a mysterious Celtic coin of the Iceni Tribe, and investigate why pinning a date on these Iron Age coins can be quite complicated.
CAN YOU SPOT THE FAKE: One of these two Athenian Owls is a forgery, but which one? In this video we take a look at two similar but very different pieces and ask you, Which is False?
THE IMPORTANCE OF PROVENANCE: In this video Mark Smith shows us how the medal itself is rarely the true gauge of value. It is the story behind it and the research that goes in to that story that can often provide us with the greatest prize.

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