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Cleopatra III Ptolemy IX Soter II,

Ptolemaic Rulers, Cleopatra III and Ptolemy IX Soter II...

Item Reference: GM47421

Price £850

C. Servilius, Silver Denarius

C. Servilius (136 B.C.), Silver Denarius

Item Reference: HG52638

Price £675

Ptolemy VI Philopator, Silver

Ptolemaic Rulers, Ptolemy VI Philopator (180-170 BC) AR...

Item Reference: KG57764

Price £650

Argolis, Epidauros, Silver Hemidrachm

Argolis, Epidauros (c. 250 B.C.), Silver Hemidrachm,...

Item Reference: KG60369

Price £550

Neapolis, Silver Didrachm

Campania, Neapolis (c. 275-250 B.C.), Silver Didrachm. Head...

Item Reference: FG44890

Price £650

Hermione, Silver Triobol

Argolis, Hermione (c. 280-250 B.C.), Silver Triobol, head...

Item Reference: KM60370

Price £850

Rhaukos, Silver Stater

Crete, Rhaukos (c. 320-270 B.C.), Silver Stater. Poseidon...

Item Reference: KM58022

Price £1,700

Campania, Phistelia, Silver Obol

Campania, Phistelia (c. 325-275 B.C.), Silver Obol

Item Reference: EG41687

Price £250

Phistelia, Silver Obol

Campania, Phistelia (c. 325-275 B.C.), Silver Obol, young...

Item Reference: EG41688

Price £220

Itanos, Silver Hemidrachm

Crete, Itanos (c. 330-270 B.C.), Silver Hemidrachm, head of...

Item Reference: KM58638

Price £1,750

Boiotia, Orchomenos, Silver Hemiobol

Boiotia, Orchomenos (late 5th century – 364 B.C.), Silver...

Item Reference: HG51390

Price £440

Sikyon, Silver Tritartemorion

Sikyonia, Sikyon (c. 400-350 B.C.), Silver Tritartemorion....

Item Reference: JG54830

Price £550

Attica, Athens, Silver Hemidrachm

Attica, Athens (c. 454-404 B.C.), Silver Hemidrachm

Item Reference: JG54740

Price £700

Rufus, Silver Denarius

Mn. Cordius Rufus (46 B.C.), Silver Denarius. RVFVS S C,...

Item Reference: JM56167

Price £1,350

C. Antius Restio, Silver Denarius

C. Antius Restio (47 B.C.), Silver Denarius

Item Reference: HG51870

Price £600

Phokis, Silver Obol

Phokis, Federal Coinage (c. 478-460 B.C.), Silver Obol

Item Reference: EG40963

Price £400

Thraco-Macedonia, Silver Obol

Thraco-Macedonian Region, Uncertain Mint (Aigai?) (c. 480...

Item Reference: KG58918

Price £280

Q. Sicinius & C. Coponius, Silver

Q. Sicinius & C. Coponius (49 B.C.), Silver Denarius....

Item Reference: FG45872

Price £500

Macedon, Terone, Silver Diobol

Macedon, Terone (c. 500-480 B.C.), Silver Diobol. Oinochoe,...

Item Reference: HG52885

Price £240

Orchomenos, Silver Obol

Boiotia, Orchomenos (c. 500-480 B.C.), Silver Obol,...

Item Reference: HG52045

Price £220

Q. Pompeius Rufus, Silver Denarius

Q. Pompeius Rufus (54 B.C.), Silver Denarius

Item Reference: EG38242

Price £495

M. Plaetorius Cestianus, Silver Denarius

M. Plaetorius Cestianus (69 B.C.), Silver Denarius. Draped...

Item Reference: JM56163

Price £950

L. Rustius, Silver Denarius

L. Rustius (76 B.C.), Silver Denarius

Item Reference: FG45869

Price £475

Demetrius I Soter, Silver Drachm

Demetrius I Soter (162-150 BC) AR Drachm 4.1gm., Antioch...

Item Reference: JG54623

Price £375

Constans, Gold Solidus

Constans (AD 337-350) AV Solidus 4.48gm., mint of Aquileia,...

Item Reference: LM63036

Price £3,350

Elis, Silver Triobol

Achaean League, Elis (After 280 BC) AR Triobol 2.30gm....

Item Reference: Z64528

Price £250

Trajan, AE Sestertius

Trajan (AD 98-117) AE Sestertius, Rome AD 107. Laureate...

Item Reference: JM55909

Price £1,200

Elagabalus, AE 34mm

Elagabalus (A.D. 218-222), and Julia Maesa, AE 34mm, mint...

Item Reference: JG54627

Price £240

Nero, Silver Drachm

Nero (54-68 AD) Silver Drachm 3.30gm., Caesarea in...

Item Reference: Z65645

Price £400

L. Julius Bursio, Silver Denarius

L. Julius Bursio (83 B.C.), Silver Denarius, youthful male...

Item Reference: KG57480

Price £550

Galerius, Silver Argenteus

Galerius (A.D. 305-311), Silver Argenteus, mint of Ticinum,...

Item Reference: KM57505

Price £1,500

Nerva, Brass Sestertius

Nerva (96-98) AE Sestertius, Rome 96-98. Laureate head of...

Item Reference: JG55913

Price £600

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