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Ceylon, VOC, 2 Stuivers, 1789

Ceylon, VOC, 2 Stuivers, 1789-O, Galle mint, 25.04g (KM...

Item Reference: Z64395

Price £120

Portuguese Malacca, Tin Bastardo, first

Portuguese Malacca, Manuel I (1495-1521), tin bastardo,...

Item Reference: Z64399

Price £650

Sumatra, EIC, gilt Proof 2-Kepings,

Sumatra, EIC, gilt Proof 2-Kepings, 1787 AD/ 1202 AH,...

Item Reference: JM56470

Price £650

Portuguese India, Rupia, 1786

Portuguese India, Maria I and Pedro III, Queen and King of...

Item Reference: Z39268

Price £200

Ceylon, Proof gilt copper 1/96 Rix

Ceylon, Proof gilt copper 1/96 Rix Dollar, 1802 (KM.74;...

Item Reference: JM56327

Price £950

Indonesia, Dutch East Indies, Half

Indonesia, Dutch East Indies, Batavian Issue emergency...

Item Reference: Z64401

Price £80

Straits Settlements, Victoria, Copper

Straits Settlements, Victoria (1837-1901), copper ½ Cent,...

Item Reference: Z64995

Price £75

Danish India, Tranquebar, Christian

Danish India, Tranquebar, Christian VII (1766-1808), copper...

Item Reference: Z65249

Price £65

Penang, E.I.C, Copper Half Pice Half

Penang (Prince of Wales Island), East India Company, copper...

Item Reference: Z64597

Price £85

India, E.I.C. Bombay, Copper Proof 2

India, E.I.C. Bombay, copper proof 2 pice, or 8 reas,...

Item Reference: Z65285

Price £150

Danish India, Tranquebar, Christian

Danish India, Tranquebar, Christian VII (1766-1808), copper...

Item Reference: Z65247

Price £75

Java, Tin Doit, 1797

Java, tin doit, 1797, with countermark (Sch. 487). About...

Item Reference: Z65284

Price £85

Java, Copper Bonk 2 Stiver, 179x

Java, copper bonk 2 stiver, 179x, (Sch. 474-7). About very...

Item Reference: Z65283

Price £65

Batavia, under French rule, Copper Bonk

Batavia, under French rule, copper bonk 2 stuivers, 1810,...

Item Reference: Z65129

Price £150

Essequebo & Demerara 1-Stiver

Essequebo & Demarara (British Guiana), George III, copper...

Item Reference: Z58354

Price £185

St Helena, Halfpenny Token (1821)

St Helena, Solomon, Dickson & Taylor, copper Halfpenny...

Item Reference: Z61433

Price £60

India, E.I.C. Madras, Silver 1/8 Rupee,

India, E.I.C. Madras, silver 1/8 rupee, 1823-5 (Pr. 266)....

Item Reference: Z65288

Price £85

Essequebo & Demerara 1/2-Guilder

Essequebo & Demarara (British Guiana), William IV, silver...

Item Reference: FG45555

Price £245

Sumatra 1/2-Dollar Plantation Token

Netherlands East Indies, Sumatra, Asahan Tabakmaatschappy,...

Item Reference: Z58374

Price £125

Cambodia, Norodom I, Silver 2 Francs,

Cambodia, Norodom I (1860-1904), silver 2 Francs, 1860,...

Item Reference: Z3513

Price £475

Australia, Tea Merchants, Halfpenny,

Australia, Victoria, Stawell, Crothers & Co (tea merchant...

Item Reference: FG45950

Price £185

Sarawak 1-Cent 1870

Sarawak. C. Brooke (1868-1917), 1-Cent, 1870, head left,...

Item Reference: Z58405

Price £150

Ceylon Black Vulcanite Token (1872)

Ceylon, G & W Leechman, Hultsdorf Mills, Colombo, black...

Item Reference: Z62172

Price £80

Rare Straits Settlements 1/2-Cent 1873

Straits Settlements, Victoria (1837-1901), copper ½-Cent,...

Item Reference: Z62159

Price £75

New-Zealand, Kirkcaldie & Stains

New Zealand, Kirkcaldie & Stains, Wellington, copper Penny...

Item Reference: Z60561

Price £50

New-Zealand, United Services Hotel

New Zealand, United Services Hotel, Auckland,...

Item Reference: Z60559

Price £200

Straits Settlements, 5 Cents 1879

Straits Settlements, Victoria, 5 Cents, 1879, 8 over...

Item Reference: DM34387

Price £2,250

British North Borneo, 1 Cent, 1882H

British North Borneo, 1 cent, 1882H (KM.2). Much mint red,...

Item Reference: Z64587

Price £200

Uncirculated Jamaica Farthing, 1884

Jamaica, Victoria (1837-1901), cu.-ni. Farthing, 1884, head...

Item Reference: Z60567

Price £50

Uncirculated Jamaican Farthing, 1887

Jamaica, Victoria, cu.-ni. Farthing, 1887, head left, rev...

Item Reference: Z58360

Price £50

Uncirculated Jamaican Halfpenny, 1888

Jamaica, Victoria, cu.-ni. Halfpenny, 1888, head left, rev...

Item Reference: Z58357

Price £65

Almost UNC Jamaican Farthing 1888

Jamaica, Victoria, cu.-ni. Farthing, 1888, head left, rev...

Item Reference: Z58362

Price £45

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