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Henry VII, Gold Angel

Item Reference: KM59066

Henry VII, Gold Angel

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Henry VII, Gold Angel, class III, St Michael with both feet on dragon, dragons tail terminates in field far below left wing, no initial mark, henric`´ di`´gra`´ rex´anglie`´ z´fra` rev struck en medaille, ship sailing right, short bowsprit, h clear of rope, initial mark inverted anchor (1499-1502), `per´ crvce`´ tva `´salva´ nos ´ xpe`´ rede` 5.09g (cf.Schneider -/527; SCBI 23:32; N.1696; S.2183).

Struck from rusty dies with associated surface marks, very fine and extremely rare, seemingly the only one in private hands with the only other recorded in the Ashmoleon Sylloge.