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Early Anglo-Saxon, Pale Gold Thrymsa

Early Anglo-Saxon Period (655-675) Pale Gold Thrymsa,...

Item Reference: FI426591

Price £4,750

Near EF Hungary, Andreas I silver Denar

Hungary, Andreas I (1046-60), silver Denar, three-armed...

Item Reference: Z60897

Price £100

Köln, Anno II silver Denar

Germany, Köln, Anno II (1056-75), silver Denar (Pfennig),...

Item Reference: Z62140

Price £125

Antioch, Bohemond III, Denier, class A

Crusaders, Principality of Antioch, Bohemond III, Minority...

Item Reference: FG42925

Price £225

Crusaders, Antioch, Bohemund III IV,

Crusaders, Antioch, Bohemund III or IV (1149-1233), billon...

Item Reference: Z65905

Price £50

Italy, Mantova, Bishoprics Denaro

Italy, Mantova, anonymous bishoprics (c.1150-1256), billon...

Item Reference: Z32875

Price £80

Halberstadt, Gero v. Schermbke,

Germany, Halberstadt, Gero v. Schermbke (1160-77), silver...

Item Reference: AM1336

Price £225

Near EF Italy, Brescia, Denaro

Italy, Brescia, Comune, in the name of Frederick I...

Item Reference: M1070

Price £115

Extremely Rare Aquileia Denaro

Italy, Aquileia, Volchero (1204-1218), silver Denaro, robed...

Item Reference: HM52719

Price £2,250

Germany, Augsburg, Hartmann v.

Germany, Augsburg, Hartmann v. Dillingen (1250-86), silver...

Item Reference: Z65880

Price £75

Milan, First Republic, Ambrosino

Milan, First Republic (1250-1310), Ambrosino (Grosso da 8...

Item Reference: BG11364

Price £320

Bohemia, Ottokar II, Silver Bracteate

Bohemia, Ottokar II (1253-78), silver bracteate, crowned...

Item Reference: Z65895

Price £125

Germany, Schongau, Ludwig II of

Germany, Schongau, Ludwig II of Bavaria (1268-94), silver...

Item Reference: Z65876

Price £125

Anglo-Gallic, Edward I, Billon Denier

Anglo-Gallic, Edward I (1272-1307), billon denier au...

Item Reference: Z65883

Price £85

Alexander III Silver Sterling, Roxburgh

Alexander III, silver Sterling, Second Coinage...

Item Reference: JG57040

Price £275

Cyprus, Henry II, Gros grand.

Crusader Coinage, Cyprus, Henry II (first reign,...

Item Reference: KG58698

Price £175

Hainaut, Guillaume I, Gros

Hainaut, Guillaume I (1304-1337), Gros, Monogram of Hainaut...

Item Reference: BG20505

Price £375

Hainault,silver Penan, Valenciennes

Low Countries, Hainault, Guillaume I (1304-37), silver...

Item Reference: M520

Price £260

Köln, Walram v. Julich, silver Turnose

Germany, Köln, Walram v. Jülich (1332-49), silver...

Item Reference: N234

Price £185

About Extremely Fine Cyprus, Peter I

Crusaders, Cyprus, Peter I (1359-69), silver Gros, type D,...

Item Reference: LM61565

Price £750

Rare Montova, Ludovico II Gonzaga

Italy, Mantova, Ludovico II (I) Gonzaga (1370-82), billon...

Item Reference: Z60902

Price £40

Edward the Black Prince Demis-Gros

Edward the Black Prince (d.1376), Demi-Gros, second issue,...

Item Reference: HG52529

Price £275

Scarce Italy, Bologna, silver Bolognino

Italy, Bologna, Republic (1376-1401), silver Bolognino, A,...

Item Reference: Z60900

Price £160

Croatia, Ragusa, City, Silver Grosso

Croatia, Ragusa, City, silver Grosso, 15th/16th centuries,...

Item Reference: P418

Price £125

Switzerland, Sothurn silver Funfer

Switzerland, Solothurn, 15th century, silver Fünfer,...

Item Reference: Z59911

Price £115

Rare Milan, Filippo Maria Visconti,

Italy, Milan, Filippo Maria Visconti (1412-47), billon...

Item Reference: Z60904

Price £85

Milan, Filippo Maria Visconti, Grosso

Italy, Milan, Filippo Maria Visconti (1412-47), silver...

Item Reference: Z1456

Price £60

Milan, Gian Carlo ed Estore Visconti,

Italy, Milan, Gian Carlo ed Estore Visconti (1412), billon...

Item Reference: Z60903

Price £45

Scarce Italy, Aquila, silver Cella

Italy, Aquila, Giovanna II di Durazzo (1414-35), silver...

Item Reference: Z60899

Price £75

Gelderland, Arnold Egmond, Groot

Gelderland, Arnold of Egmond (1423-1473), Groot, undated,...

Item Reference: BG20493

Price £350

Milan, Galeazzo Maria Sforza, Grosso

Italy, Milan, Galeazzo Maria Sforza (1468-76), silver...

Item Reference: Z60905

Price £65

Niccolò Tron, Silver Lira 20-Soldi

Italy, Venice, Niccolò Tron (1471-73), silver Trono or...

Item Reference: Z59865

Price £650

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