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George V Specimen Proof 1926 S Sov.

Item Reference: FI46215

George V Specimen Proof 1926 S Sov.

George V (1910-36), Sovereign, Specimen Proof striking, 1926, Sydney, large bare head left, B.M. raised on truncation, rev St George and dragon, date in exergue, S mint mark on groundline (cf.Marsh 286; McD 282; cf.S.4003).

Some very light hairlines and handling marks, a couple of minute digs on top of truncation, otherwise as struck and of highest rarity.

The “Quartermaster” Collection sold by auction at the Sydney Mint building in June 2009 did not contain the specimen proof issue for 1926, only a currency piece which realised AU$48,530.

Wednesday 11th August 1926 marked the final day of mintage of gold Sovereigns at the Sydney Mint and only 50 symbolic pieces were struck that day for varying public and private collections. Of these 50 pieces it is thought the final 8 only were given the special specimen quality finish as we have demonstrated here with this coin, and were struck only for certain key individuals connected with the Sydney Mint, though there is some confusion over whether two of them were sent to the Royal Mint in London. What it is known today is that four are in public collections, and four are in private ownership of which this coin is one. From research conducted by Andrew Crellin based in Perth, Australia, it would seem the coin here was either the one presented to Mr Waterhouse the Assistant Assayer or to Mr Christie the Superintendent both of the Sydney Mint.