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Commemorative Medals

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James II, Coronation, Silver Official

James II, Coronation. AR official medal 1685 by J. Roettier...

Item Reference: C189012079

Price £900

George IV, The Adventure Beagle,

George IV, The Adventure and Beagle, 1826, brass medalet,...

Item Reference: C189015564

Price £150

Charles II, John Maitland, 1st. Duke of

Charles II, John Maitland created 1st. Duke of Lauderdale....

Item Reference: C189012883

Price £1,400

Commonwealth, Death Admiral Maarten

Commonwealth, Death of Admiral Maarten Tromp. AR Dutch...

Item Reference: NM66665

Price £4,500

Charles I, Duc de Rohan, AE Gilt Cast

Charles I, Duc de Rohan, Charles’s Godfather. AE gilt...

Item Reference: NM66660

Price £850

Charles I, Execution Archbishop

Charles I, Execution of Archbishop Laud. AR medal 1645 (but...

Item Reference: C189012885

Price £1,450

George III, Nelsonic Crimson Oakes Soc.

George III, Nelsonic Crimson Oakes Soc. of the W. Midlands...

Item Reference: NG66667

Price £350

Charles I, Robert Devereux, Earl of

Charles I, Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex. AR cast...

Item Reference: NM66652

Price £4,500

George III, Wellington created Marquis,

George III, Wellington created Marquis and voted £100,000....

Item Reference: HG51512

Price £175

George I, Coronation, Gold Medal, 1714

George I, Coronation, AV medal 1714 by John Croker (35mm)....

Item Reference: NM66524

Price £6,750

George II, Coronation Caroline,

George II, Coronation of Caroline, AR medal 1727 by John...

Item Reference: NG65864

Price £525

William & Mary, Mary, Complimentary

William & Mary, Mary, complimentary issue – or pattern...

Item Reference: HG50903

Price £175

George III, Promotion Sydney Smith

George III, Promotion of Sydney Smith to Flag Rank, AE...

Item Reference: Z66597

Price £125

Germany, C. Robert Lessing, Silvered AE

Germany, C. Robert Lessing (publisher of the Berlin paper...

Item Reference: Z66348

Price £85

Germany, Julius Rodenberg, AE Medal,

Germany, Julius Rodenberg (Levy) (Journalist, publisher and...

Item Reference: Z66347

Price £275

Switzerland, Geneva, James Fazy, Second

Switzerland, Geneva, James Fazy (newspaper founder and...

Item Reference: Z66053

Price £75

Brazil, Luis de Camoes, AE Medal, 1880

Brazil, Luis de Camoes (Portuguese poet) AE medal 1880,...

Item Reference: Z66346

Price £75

Switzerland, Bern, Berchtold Haller,

Switzerland, Bern, Berchtold Haller (reformer),...

Item Reference: Z66052

Price £100

James I, Alliance England, France

James I, Alliance of England, France and the United...

Item Reference: JM56880

Price £5,500

Netherlands, Johannes Lutma, AE

Netherlands, Johannes Lutma (artist) AE Memorial medal...

Item Reference: Z66048

Price £130

George III, Relief Gibraltar 1783,

George III, Relief of Gibraltar 1783, WM medal with copper...

Item Reference: LG62490

Price £250

George III, Victories 1798, AE Medal

George III, Victories of 1798, AE medal by C Kuechler,...

Item Reference: HG51326

Price £325

Charles I, Death & Memorial 1649,

Charles I, Death & Memorial 1649, AR medal struck...

Item Reference: HM52894

Price £1,100

James I, Synod Dort 1619, Silver

James I, Synod of Dort 1619, AR medal by C Wyntjes, 58mm....

Item Reference: JM56886

Price £3,850

George III, Preserved from

George III, Preserved from Assassination 1800, AE medal....

Item Reference: HG51368

Price £295

Charles I, Earl Manchester Military

Charles I, Earl of Manchester Military reward. Cast silver...

Item Reference: Z64576

Price £2,500

Whitby, George IV, Union Medal 1857, RRR

Great Britain, George IV (1820-1830), North Yorkshire,...

Item Reference: Z22545

Price £385

Count Radetzky, Statue in Prague, 1859.

Austria, General Josef, Count Radetzky (1766-1858),...

Item Reference: KG60633

Price £85

Peace Amiens, 1802.

George III (1760-1820), Peace of Amiens, 1802, Bronze Medal...

Item Reference: KG60625

Price £150

Preserved from Assassination, 1800.

George III (1760-1820), Preserved from Assassination, 1800,...

Item Reference: KG60628

Price £180

Marriage the Prince Wales, 1795.

George III, Marriage of the Prince of Wales to Caroline of...

Item Reference: KG57996

Price £300

Robert Banks, Laudatory, AE Medal, 1803

George III, Robert Banks, Laudatory, AE medal 1803 by J...

Item Reference: HG52852

Price £150

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