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Charles I, Death & Memorial 1649,

Charles I, Death & Memorial 1649, AR medal struck...

Item Reference: HM52894

Price £1,100

George II, State England, AE medal

George II, State of England, AE medal 1750 by J Dassier...

Item Reference: GG46925

Price £300

George III, Victories 1798, AE Medal

George III, Victories of 1798, AE medal by C Kuechler,...

Item Reference: HG51326

Price £325

George III, Preserved from

George III, Preserved from Assassination 1800, AE medal....

Item Reference: HG51368

Price £295

George III, Promotion Sydney Smith

George III, Promotion of Sydney Smith to Flag Rank, AE...

Item Reference: Z66597

Price £125

France, Marechal G. M. A. Brune, AE

France, Marechal G. M. A. Brune, (printer). AE medal (41mm)...

Item Reference: Z66051

Price £75

Switzerland, Geneva, James Fazy, Second

Switzerland, Geneva, James Fazy (newspaper founder and...

Item Reference: Z66053

Price £75

Brazil, Luis de Camoes, AE Medal, 1880

Brazil, Luis de Camoes (Portuguese poet) AE medal 1880,...

Item Reference: Z66346

Price £75

Germany, Mainz, Johannes Gutenberg -

Germany,  Mainz, Johannes Gutenberg - 500 years birth...

Item Reference: Z66054

Price £175

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