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Charles I, Execution of Archbishop Laud. Silver Medal 1645

Item Reference: C189012885

Charles I, Execution of Archbishop Laud. Silver Medal 1645

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Charles I, Execution of Archbishop Laud. AR medal 1645 (but struck after the Restoration) by J. Roettier (58mm). Draped bust r. wearing cap, GUIL ARCHIEPISC CANTVAR X IAN 1644. rev. An enfant genius holding mitre and crozier aloft, two more below holding Charles’s crown and orb, with a view of London in lower distance, SANCTI CAROLI PRAECVRSOR, Forerunner of the sainted Charles. edge engraved in italics. THE FRIENDLY LOADSTONE HAS NOT MORE COMBIN’D, THAN BISHOPS CRAMP’D THE COMMERCE OF MANKIND A*M. (MI i 315/147; E 145). Extremely Fine, blue iridescence to toning, minor handling marks.

The inscription around the edge is contemporary with the medal’s issue and is taken from Andrew Marvel’s poem ‘The Loyal Scot’ (1669). Marvel was a strong supporter of the Commonwealth and Cromwell and after the restoration was an outspoken critic of Charles II, particularly concerning religious toleration, when these verses were applied to the medal. Laud was arrested in 1640 but his trial did not begin until 12 March 1644. Found guilty of treason, he was executed on Tower Hill on 10 January, 1645.