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India, John Borthwick Gilchrist.

Item Reference: KG58696

India, John Borthwick Gilchrist.

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India, John Borthwick Gilchrist (1759-1841), Scottish born surgeon, linguist and Indologist, Copper Medal of the Gilchrist Educational Trust, 1841, by Carl Voigt (and Pinches), bust three-quarters right, rev seated angel instructs three young children, FIAT LVX, named on edge (Hubert H C Blake), 57mm (Pudd 841.1).

Extremely fine with blue iridescence.

Gilchrist's interest in oriental languages was to become a motivating force in his life and he compiled and authored An English-Hindustani Dictionary, A Grammar of the Hindoostanee Language, The Oriental Linguist and many other titles.

Under the terms of his will he left the residue of his estate to the trustees "for the benefit advancement and propagation of education and learning in every part of the world as far as circumstances will permit". However the educational trust thus founded could not start its work until 1865, following years of litigation which culminated in a hearing before the House of Lords in 1858.