A 1st and 2nd Battalion Royal Irish, India and Boer War, Group of 4 to Colour Sergeant Edward Burns

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A 1st and 2nd Battalion Royal Irish, India and Boer War, Group of 4 awarded to Colour Sergeant Edward Burns, who also enlisted as a Sergeant on the 14th September…
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A 1st and 2nd Battalion Royal Irish, India and Boer War, Group of 4 awarded to Colour Sergeant Edward Burns, who also enlisted as a Sergeant on the 14th September 1914 into the 13th (Reserve) Battalion Princess Louise’s (Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders) and served Home for 1 year 345 days during the Great War comprising; India General Service Medal, 1854-95, one clasp Hazara 1888, (***8 Pte E. Burns 2nd Bn R I**h), named in running script heavily polished, India Medal 1895-1902, QVR, two clasps, Punjab Frontier 1898-98, Samana 1897, (2508 *****gt E. Burns 2nd Bn R***I**gt), rank and regiment polished.
Corresponding rank for this medal as shown on the Medal Roll is Colour Sergeant, Queen’s South Africa Medal, 1899-1902, 3rd type reverse, three clasps Cape Colony, Wittebergen, Belfast, (2508 Sgt. E.J. Burns, 1st Rl: Irish Regt.) Impressed polished naming, King’s South Africa Medal, 1901-02, two clasps, South Africa 1901, South Africa 1902, (2508 Corpl: E. Burns Rl: Irish Regt.) impressed naming mounted for wear, heavily polished, much worn and loved by recipient, otherwise good fine.

Edward James Burns was born in c. 1868 in Paddington London, he enlisted aged 18 years giving his trade as Labourer into the Royal Irish Regiment on the 19th of May 1886, being posted to the 2nd Battalion. He was promoted Corporal 11th of March 1889, appointed Lance Sergeant 10th of March 1891 and appointed Paid 1st Sergeant 13th of April 1891.Promoted Sergeant 19th of May 1891. Extended his Service to complete 12 years 24th of October 1893, Colour Sergeant 24th of July 1893, Re-engaged to complete 21 years’ service 10th of August 1897. Resigned the Colours at his own request with the rank of Sergeant 1st of June 1898.

Re-engaged as Sergeant 20th of December 1898, posted to the 1st Battalion, Promoted Colour Sergeant 5th of October 1899. Reverted to Sergeant at own request 17th of February 1900. Convicted by Field Courts Martial, of absenting himself without leave and “Drunkenness on Active Service” and sentenced to be reduced to the rank of Corporal, 29th of August 1900. Promoted Sergeant 31st of August 1902. Posted to the 2nd Battalion as Sergeant 19th of March 1903, permitted to continue in the Service beyond 21 years 30th of September 1906, Discharged having claimed Discharge with 3 months’ notice 18th of May 1909, having served exactly 23 years with the Colours.
Served Home 19 of May 1886 to 6th of December 1887, India 7th of December 1887 to 19th of December 1898, Home 20th of December 1898 to 15th of December 1899, South Africa 16th of December 1899 to 28th of January 1903. Home 29th of January 1903 to the 18th of May 1909.

He then answered his Country’s Call once more and enlisted on the 14th of September 1914 into the 13th Reserve Battalion Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders formed at Black Heath as part of K1 (Kitchener’s New Armies), he held the rank of Sergeant S/8302, and was presumably an instructor for the new recruits flooding the Army at the request of Kitchener’s “Your Country Needs You “campaign. He served Home from the 14th of September 1914 to the 24th of August 1916 both at the Depot and with the 13th Battalion before he was discharged, aged 49 years, on the 24th of August 1916 having served a further 1 year 345 days with the Colours, proudly wearing his medals on many occasions, but alas not entitled to the Great War Medals, but as he was discharged under King’s Rules and Regulations, Para 392 XVI – “No Longer Fit for Military Service” he was awarded Silver War Badge No 50528. He died on the 3rd August 1920.

His Service Papers confirm Campaigns as Hazara 1888, North West Frontier 1897-98, South Africa 1899-1901 and 1902. He was awarded the India Medal of 1854 Hazara 1888 clasp: India Medal of 1895 clasps Punjab Frontier 1897-98, and Samana 1897. South Africa Medal 1899-1902 with clasps Wittebergen, Belfast and Cape Colony and the King’s South Africa Medal with clasps 1901 and 1902
Copy Silver War Badge Roll confirms issue of Badge

Sold with copied Service Papers and copied Medal Rolls both confirming all four medals and all 8 clasps.


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