Canadian, D-Day Landings, Group of 5 to O. Boucher

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A Canadian, D-Day Landing’s Juno Beach, Machine Gun Section group of 5, awarded to Ovila Boucher of the Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa (Duke of Edinburgh’s Own) M.G. (Machine Gun) Battalion…
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A Canadian, D-Day Landing’s Juno Beach, Machine Gun Section group of 5, awarded to Ovila Boucher of the Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa (Duke of Edinburgh’s Own) M.G. (Machine Gun) Battalion comprising 1939-45 Star, France & Germany Star, 1939-45 Defence Medal, The Canadian Volunteer Service Medal with Overseas Service clasp, 1939-45 War Medal, unnamed as issued, the last three Silver Canadian issue, mounted for wear, lacquered very fine.

Ovila Boucher was born on the 8th June 1919 in Hull P.Q. a labourer by trade he enlisted in Ottawa Ontario on the 18th September 1939. He was proficient in Rifle and the Light Machine Gun and attended a “Waterproofing of Vehicles” Course in October 1943 a portent for what was to come!

Sold with Original AB64 Soldiers Service and Pay Book and two, rare, Canadian Militia Soldier’s Pay Books (Militia Book M.1) covering the period 18th September 1939 to the 30th December 1941, when “the balance transferred to a new book”.

The Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa (M.G.) was a Machine Gun Battalion. On D-Day the Camerons were placed directly under the command of the Brigades of the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division. The Battalion was organized into “A”, “B”, and “C” Companies as Machine Gun companies, and “D” Company as a Heavy Mortar Company. Each Machine Gun Platoon supported an Infantry Battalion with the exception of No. 7 Platoon, which was under the direct command of the North Shores whose job was to take out the Radar Station. The Camerons were equipped with the Vickers .303 machine gun, a medium weapon fed by 250 round cloth belts of .303 ammunition and fired in full automatic bursts of 10 to 20 rounds.

Advance recce parties landed with the assaulting infantry and the Machine Gun Platoons followed as soon as the beaches were clear to allow vehicles to come ashore. The three Machine Gun Companies landed without fatal casualties and took up position with their Brigades. “A” Company, with their Vickers .303 machine guns, supported the 7th Brigade onto its intermediate objective along the line Fontaine-Henry-le-Fresne-Camilly where they firmed up for the night.

“B” Company landed with the 8th Brigade. No. 7 Platoon under Lt. Sharp took up position near the railway station at St. Aubin-Sur-Mer and shot the North Shores into Tailleville. No. 6 Platoon under Lt. Woodward landed at St. Aubin and cleared the lateral road to Bernieres-Sur-Mer to join up with the Queen’s Own Rifles. The Regiment de la Chaudière and QOR had their hands full with snipers and an “88” gun which blocked the approach toward Beny-Sur-Mer. No. 6 Platoon took up position and silenced many of the snipers. Major J.M. Carson commanding “B” Company directed the infantry against the “88” gun and was successful in taking it out. The Camerons pushed on with the infantry, following the tanks into Beny-Sur-Mer and Anguerny. As night fell No. 6 Platoon took up position south of Anguerny and No.8 was astride the main road into Villons-les-Buisson. The defensive fire of No. 6 Platoon broke up a counter attack on the QOR and No. 8 Platoon knocked out an enemy convoy as it attempted to pass through their position. The Camerons under Major Carson’s leadership were largely responsible for 8th Brigade achieving its D-Day objective.

“C” Company landed and proceeded with the 9th Brigade to Beny-Sur-Mer where they took up anti-panzer positions for the night. “D” Company (Heavy Mortars) was split between 7th and 9th Brigades. It was considered not necessary to give 8th Brigade an allotment of Heavy Mortars since the 9th Brigade was to pass through them and could use their weight to better advantage. No 13 and 14 Platoons under Major R.M Ross landed with the 7th Brigade and proceeded to Banville and took up position in support of the Winnipeg Rifles and the Canadian Scottish.


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George VI

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