WWII, DCM, KIA Group of 5, L/Cpl Alfred Wilson

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A very unusual WW2, DCM, Killed in Action Group of 5 to an American Citizen, a native of New York, L/Cpl Alfred Wilson, RE attached 8th Army Pool of Interpreters…
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A very unusual WW2, DCM, Killed in Action Group of 5 to an American Citizen, a native of New York, L/Cpl Alfred Wilson, RE attached 8th Army Pool of Interpreters who was awarded the DCM in the London Gazette of the 8th February 1945 whilst acting as an Italian Interpreter for 25 Indian Infantry Brigade and The Lovat Scouts. He was Killed in Action 4th September 1944 and is buried in Arezzo War Cemetery Italy. DCM GVIR, (5885174Spr. A. Wilson. R.E.), 1939-45 Star, Africa Star, 8th Army Clasp, Italy Star, 1939-45 War Medal unnamed as issued, mounted for wear, toned fine.

DCM London Gazette 8th February 1945:
Sapper Wilson was attached to 3/1st Punjab Regiment from 31st June to 12th August 1944 as an official interpreter. On the 1st August 1944 he accompanied a reconnaissance patrol to Civitella (738029) and when the patrol came under machine gun fire, he continued to advise the patrol commander regarding enemy positions.

Again on the 5th August, Sapper Wilson accompanied a fighting patrol to Montone, which became heavily engaged in a fierce fight with a strong enemy position. Sapper Wilson displayed great bravery and by his efforts and complete disregard for personal safety evacuated one wounded Indian Other Rank, several hundred yards down a steep hill in full view and under heavy fire. On this occasion, the information Sapper Wilson was able to obtain from civilians in the neighbourhood was of extreme value and afforded considerable assistance to the patrol commander.

Between the 20th and 24th August in the area Pont. 618, 6227, Sapper Wilson frequently on his own initiative proceeded deep into enemy territory, to obtain valuable information from civilian sources. Information which he brought back, on one occasion enabled him to lead a patrol to within 200 yards of an enemy position resulting in its capture and casualties on the enemy.

On the 12th August, Sapper Wilson was attached to Lovat Scouts, still in his capacity of interpreter. Whilst accompanying a patrol on the 14th August in the Ponte Ale Piera area, 3746, Sapper Wilson detached himself from the patrol and went unaccompanied and approached a house occupied by the enemy, and succeeded in capturing single handed, four armed enemy soldiers. He continued to perform his duties in this manner until curtailed by the Officer Commanding Lovat Scouts, and it was with reluctance that Sapper Wilson permitted himself to be accompanied by an escort whiles’ performing his duties as interpreter and obtained of information from civilian sources behind enemy lines.

Throughout his attachment to this formation his conduct has been exemplary and the information obtained of extreme value to our patrols and the utmost importance to operating in the area. Sapper Wilson, having been promoted to Lance corporal was killed in action on Monday 4th September 1944 and is buried in Arezzo War Cemetery, Italy.

Alfred Wilson was born in 1921 the son of Vincent H. and Yolanda Lengyel Wilson of Binghamton, New York, U.S.A. Although a Royal Engineer he was attached to GSI (B) 8th Army Pool of Interpreters due to his knowledge of the Italian language.


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