Our team has administered some of the most valuable and important collections in the world.

On a daily basis, they acquire new examples, manage and catalog high-value items, and resell exquisite pieces. If you are looking to sell a special item or a collection, our specialists can help.

Get in touch to talk to them about the sale of coins, banknotes, military medals, commemorative medals, tokens and books.

We can help you sell

A direct sale or consignment?

Identify the best course of action to achieve the highest price with advice from our specialists. We consider valuations both in person at our shop on The Strand and online.

Visit our shop

Meet us at 399 Strand in the heart of London, just a few minutes away from Charing Cross Station.

Valuations take place between 9.30 am and 4.30 pm (GMT), Monday to Friday.

Please note that we recommend booking an appointment before your visit to ensure that a specialist is available.

Submit a request online

We receive numerous valuation requests on a daily basis and enjoy seeing the items in your collection. We do ask, however, that the photos you provide allow us to properly study the coin. 

  • A clear, high-resolution image of both the obverse and reverse of the coin
  • A description of the type of metal, dimensions and other relevant information