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Birmingham, Hancock’s, Copper

Warwickshire, Birmingham, Hancock’s, Copper Halfpenny,...

Item Reference: FG45726

Price £520

Cork, Prattent’s, Copper Halfpenny,

Ireland, Cork, Prattent’s, Copper Halfpenny 1795. Cypher...

Item Reference: JG56782

Price £180

Clarke’s, Uniface (trial) Copper

Warwickshire, Clarke’s, Uniface (trial) Copper Halfpenny,...

Item Reference: KM60475

Price £865

Middlesex, Skidmore’s, Mule Halfpenny

Middlesex, Skidmore’s, mule halfpenny, undated, Obv:...

Item Reference: JG56796

Price £400

Birmingham, Barker’s, White Metal

Warwickshire, Birmingham, Barker’s, White Metal...

Item Reference: KG60472

Price £580

Ayrshire, Fullerton’s, Copper

Scotland, Ayrshire, Fullerton’s, Copper Halfpenny, 1799....

Item Reference: LM63713

Price £845

Bath, Culverhouse, Orchard and

Somersetshire, Bath, Culverhouse, Orchard and Phipps’s,...

Item Reference: HG51373

Price £335

London, Loyal Britons’ Lodge, AE

London, Political Series, Loyal Britons’ Lodge, AE...

Item Reference: Z66211

Price £145

Barbados, Philip Gibbs, Copper Penny

Barbados, Philip Gibbs, copper penny token, 1788, 2nd issue...

Item Reference: Z65294

Price £50

Middlesex, Hackney, David Rebello,

Middlesex, Hackney, David Rebello, Skidmore’s AE Penny,...

Item Reference: MM65611

Price £925

Buckinghamshire, Aylesbury, Francis

Buckinghamshire, Aylesbury, Francis Wheeler, AE Halfpenny...

Item Reference: MG65617

Price £360

Hackney, David Rebello, Proof Silver

Middlesex, Hackney, David Rebello, proof silver Penny, 1796...

Item Reference: FG45710

Price £1,300

Cambridgeshire, Cambridge, David Hood,

Cambridgeshire, Cambridge, David Hood, AE Halfpenny nd,...

Item Reference: MG65586

Price £225

London, St Paul's, Copper Penny Token

LONDON, St Paul’s, Skidmore’s Clerkenwell series, AE...

Item Reference: MG65604

Price £280

Gloucestershire, Gloucester,

Gloucestershire, Gloucester. Kempson’s church series AE...

Item Reference: Z66209

Price £145

Surrey, Croydon, Clandon Place, Copper

SURREY, West Clandon, Skidmore’s Clerkenwell series, AE...

Item Reference: MG65621

Price £360

Cambridgeshire, Cambridge, Copper Penny

Cambridgeshire, Cambridge, Copper Penny Token, 1797....

Item Reference: MG65587

Price £395

London, Dowgate, AE Penny, 1797

London, Dowgate, Skidmore’s London and Westminster...

Item Reference: MG65596

Price £395

London, Westminster Hall, Copper Penny

LONDON, Westminster, Skidmore’s Miscellaneous series, AE...

Item Reference: MG65607

Price £380

Gloucestershire, Gloucester,

Gloucestershire, Gloucester, Skidmore’s specious AE Penny...

Item Reference: MG65589

Price £375

Surrey, Croydon, Addington Place,

SURREY, Croydon, Skidmore’s Clerkenwell series, AE Penny,...

Item Reference: MG65609

Price £395

Cheshire, Chester, Copper Penny Token,

Cheshire, Chester, Copper Penny Token, 1797. Good Extremely...

Item Reference: MG65588

Price £295

London, London Wall, Copper Penny

LONDON, London Wall, Skidmore’s London and Westminster...

Item Reference: MG65599

Price £395

Norfolk, Norwich Loyal Military

Norfolk, Norwich, Norwich Loyal Military Association, AE...

Item Reference: MG65616

Price £250

Windsor, William Campion Halfpenny, 1669

Great Britain, Berkshire, Windsor, William Campion, Copper...

Item Reference: JG54484

Price £30

Essex, Richard James Farthing, 1666

Great Britain, Essex, Chelmsford, Richard James, Copper...

Item Reference: Z54477

Price £75

Essex, John Vandewall Farthing, 1652

Great Britain, Essex, Harwich, John Vandewall, Brass...

Item Reference: Z54465

Price £45

Kent, Joseph MacKrith Token c.1665

Great Britain, Kent, Margate, Joseph MacKrith, Copper...

Item Reference: EG40912

Price £72

Horncastle, Candle-maker Token, c.1670

Great Britain, Lincolnshire, Horncastle, Richard Cater...

Item Reference: DG36520

Price £155

The Sun Inn Token, c.1670

Great Britain, Warwickshire, Coventry, Samuel Peisley at...

Item Reference: DG35384

Price £65

Yorkshire, Mariner Token, c.1665, scarce

Great Britain, Yorkshire, Bridlington, Barthol Anderson...

Item Reference: FG43653

Price £300

Staffordshire, Lichfield, Richard

Staffordshire, Lichfield, Richard Wright, AE Penny 1800,...

Item Reference: MG65614

Price £825

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