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Baldwin’s Christmas Gift Guide

Winter holidays are coming and the gifting season is upon us! We have some numismatic gift ideas for important people in your life. Coins are fabulous gifts: they are shiny, rare and they fit into any Christmas stocking! Coins are perfect gifts for history lovers and they have a lasting value. They can also be a fantastic investment for the future. For this Christmas, why not choose a lovely coin? Find some inspiration below, our dedicated team of hard-working coin elves will be happy to help with any queries you might have.

For Him

Coins of Roman Emperors

Augustus (27 BC – AD 14). Silver Denarius

Coins of the Roman Emperors convey power and have a fantastic historical significance. If you are looking for a true classic gift for the men in your life – look no further. Coins of Roman Emperors, in particular the famous and influential ones are gifts with a true wow factor. Choose from our selection of silver denarii of Emperors Augustus, Trajan or Hadrian and you will have a cherished gift.

Modern gold coins

Greece, Constantine II, gold 100 Drachmai

This is a gift that evokes eternity and is a wise investment as well – you can’t go wrong with modern gold coins. A simple, yet elegant gifting solution, proven successful by many centuries in which precious gold coins were given as presents, from ancient royal courts to modernity. We offer a fine selection of modern gold coins from the UK and the rest of the World, including Sovereigns, Francs, Dollars, to name a few.


Coins of Roman Empresses

Lucilla (wife of Lucius Verus). Silver Denarius

In the ancient Roman Empire, the Empresses a lot of political power and had coins minted with their likeness, showcasing their virtues and hairstyles. Those coins served as trend-setting influence, as women throughout the Empire imitated the styles. A stylish and thoughtful choice for ladies in your life.

Coins of Elizabeth I

Elizabeth I (1558-1603), Seventh Issue, Halfcrown

For the history lovers in your life, especially ones that love the Tudor period, the ultimate gift are coins of Elizabeth I. There are a few other coins out there that convey such power and craftsmanship in numismatics, such as the ones of this distinguished monarch. A gift that is a powerful statement and a special piece.


Roman bronze coins and Celtic coins

Galerius as Caesar. Bi Follis, mint of Ticinum
Iceni. Silver Unit, c. AD 25 – 38

We are always delighted to see our youngest collectors that are starting their numismatic journey. They often ask us for Roman Emperors or fearsome Celts! Roman bronze coins are the most popular choice for our young clients, because they are sturdy to handle, affordable in price and infinitely interesting for enticing further research of history! Coins of Celtic Britain are fantastic as well, with interesting abstract depictions and sometimes naming famous Celtic rulers of different British territories. A perfect choice for our most curious young collectors.


Military Medals

A Great War Pair awarded to Private (Lance Corporal) Betram Balk

It is often difficult to find something meaningful to gift to our grandparents that will truly be a surprise. A sincere gift that they will deeply appreciate might be a military medal. Each medal is not simply a collectable object, it contains a life story of bravery and sacrifice. We provide all the accompanying paperwork and information with our military medals to help you gift that special story.



Ludlow, Skidmore’s ‘Globe Series’ Penny
London, Kempson’s ‘London Gates’ penny token 1797

You can gift your friends a literal token of appreciation this Christmas. We stock tokens from all parts of UK, Ireland and some international tokens too. Tokens are fine and affordable little gifts and they can be specific to the area one comes from. You can find a token from almost any city or county in UK and many feature different types of businesses or architectural landmarks. As the unofficial currency from 17th, 18th and 19th century they boast a wide variety of designs, so there is something for everyone.

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