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The Baldwin’s Fixed Price List – Summer 2016

“One of the most important numismatic events of the summer…”

A H Baldwin & Sons are delighted to announce the release of the latest instalment in our Fixed Price List series, available on-line from 19th July 2016 and in catalogue form soon thereafter.

Baldwin’s standing within the world of numismatics has never been higher, and this has allowed us to amass the largest selection we have ever offered as a Fixed Price List – featuring almost 1,200 top-quality (and often unique) items sourced from all over the world.

The strong British market is heavily represented, with some of the most sought-after coins in British numismatics. The long-standing popularity for both British Hammered and Milled Gold and Silver is strongly featured, with highlights including a very rare Henry VI Gold Noble (Pinecone-Mascle issue) and a Charles I very rare Pattern of Halfcrown dimensions on a 35mm flan, amongst many others.

The Greek and Roman sections are also heavily weighted in favour of the rare and exclusive, including a Lysimachos Gold Stater (one of only two recorded examples) in excellent style, and an exceptionally rare Vespasian Gold Aureus – only the second example known and the only one in private hands.

The Summer 2016 Fixed price List also features large selections of Byzantine, Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Gallic, Scottish and Irish Coins, as well as a fabulous section dedicated to Numismatic Literature – a great way to bulk up that library (or start one) with some of the most important and rarest research material.

One of our key goals at Baldwin’s is to make numismatics as accessible to all – and to that end we strive to make the items on our Fixed Price List as varied as we can. Alongside the exclusive and unique items we also list any number of numismatic materials for the more modest budget – coins and books that can add significantly to your collection for a good price without compromising on quality.

This Fixed Price List represents months (and more) of work from our dedicated team. Our specialists attend fairs and exhibitions around the globe in pursuit of top-quality items to feature – an endeavour that results in one of the most important numismatic events of the summer, once again setting the standard for this cherished pastime.


Click here to view the full catalogue.

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