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Hong Kong 60 Press Release

A H Baldwin & Sons Ltd is delighted to announce our upcoming Spring Hong Kong Coin Auction, featuring a wide and varied high quality selection of Far eastern, Chinese and World Coins and Banknotes.

This auction marks the 30th anniversary of the Far East Auction Brand, and is the 36th time that we have made the long trek to Hong Kong, but it’s always worth it: the Far East enjoys a keen enthusiasm for numismatics, an energy and passion that springs from a culture as deep and rich as anywhere on earth.

Baldwin’s long-standing partnership with Ma Tak Wo Numismatic Co Ltd has produced some amazing highlights over the years, including the World Record Price for a Hong Kong Trade Dollar at our last sojourn to the region in August last year.

The Hong Kong Coin Auction is an integral part of Baldwin’s international calendar, as it provides us with a strong presence in an important numismatic market. As Director and Chief Auctioneer Seth Freeman states, “in recent years we have seen a distinct shift in numismatic auctions away from the traditional methods of bidding to a far more digitally based process. Thanks to this ‘magical’ internet we are able to communicate directly with keen nuimismatists across the world, and, through the Hong Kong Coin Auction, more specifically those in mainland China: a passionate market that we can now interact with more confidently.”

The Hong Kong Auction 60 takes place on the 7 April 2016, at the Holiday Inn Golden Mile, 50 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

As always, Baldwin’s will set the standard for auction coverage, with a live audio and visual stream on our website: click here to access.

We will also carry live up-to-the-minute updates across our social media streams – Facebook and Twitter. Sign up today if you haven’t already!

You can view lots from this auction by clicking on the logo below.



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