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ATG’s London Market Review 2015

ATG have this week published their review of numismatic auction houses in London as a great comparison guide for coin and medal auctions that took place in the capital over the course of 2015.

So, how’d we do?

As always, Baldwin’s London auctions (five in total in 2015, as well as 3 Argentum auctions) proved significant events in the numismatic calendar, realising a very healthy total of £3.7 million.

The health of the company overall continues to be encouraging, with a very comparible results total when placed alongside other numismatic houses operating in the same market.

The article, written by Richard Falknier, gives a fascinating insight into the London numismatic markets, highlighting just how they’ve risen in popularity over the years of the ATG collating data (a fact we can definitely attest to given the ‘standing-room-only’ attendances in our salesroom recently) the market has grown to a total of £38 million from a standing start of £9.3 million twenty years ago.

This significant growth has been reflected across numerous numismatic markets, with Orders and Medals now making up almost £8 million of the total.


The Victoria Proof Set (sold for £504,000) and the Gold British Trade Dollar (sold for £221,000) – the 2 World Record prices realised by Baldwin’s in 2015.


The state of the London market, then, looks to be in a pretty healthy shape overall – as Falknier states, ‘London is simply a nice place to do business, and retains an important role as an entrepot between Europe, the US and The Far East’.

It’s early days, of course, but here at Baldwin’s we reckon that 2016 is shaping up to be even stronger. We’ve already had a great start to the year, with The New York Sale in January highlighting the fact that numismatics on a worldwide scale is definitely as strong a market as its ever been.

And London in 2016? We believe its going to be a good one! We already have a number of very high-profile items lined up for our May auctions at 399 Strand (make sure you’ve signed up to our mailing list to be the first to view auction items), and last-minute consignments are still coming in.

Then, of course, we have Coinex in September, which is always a massive event in the numismatic calendar. We hope to see you there, at what promises to be a proper celebration of just how important London has become in the numismatic world.

To subscribe to the ATG and read Richard Falknier’s full article, click here.


What do you think? Do you reckon the London market is stronger than ever or have you perhaps experienced a decline in quality or value?

Let us know below, and we’ll feature the best comments in our next newsletter.

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