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As one of the leading numismatic dealers and auction houses in the world, we frequently receive requests from media agencies and production companies around the world who would like to feature our exclusive items or images.

Over the last few years we have received such requests as wide and varied as The Museum of Alexandria to Harvard University, as well as countless publications ranging from Canada to New Zealand.

Recently, we were approached by a television production company, Spun Gold TV, regarding featuring a number of items on their new show, Masterpiece with Alan Titchmarsh.

This new series sees teams comprised of antique and history fans going head to head in a number of challenges – from valuing to deciphering the age of a collectable item. Once they enter the ‘Masterpiece Gallery’, they must decide which of the three objects on display is the true ‘Masterpiece’.

The show can be seen on weekdays on ITV (UK) from 3pm-4pm, and you can watch the entire series so far by clicking here or by clicking on the logo above.

Just some of the items from Baldwin’s that are featured on the show are listed below – all of which are available to own directly through this website – your chance to own not just a confirmed ‘Masterpiece’, but a highlight to your collection that comes with its own unique ‘talking-point’!

For those that have not yet seen the show, in the interests of spoilers we have omitted the prices from below. Clicking on any item will take you to the page where the price is displayed.


Charles I (1625-49), Unite of Twenty Shillings, 1644, Oxford Mint.

Very fine, reverse bolder and very rare.



Claudius (AD 41-54), AE 24mm, minted at Antioch, Syria.

Dark brown-green patina, well-struck, about extremely fine.


Thessaly, Larissa (c. 356-342 BC), Silver Drachm, nearly extremely fine, attractive.


So what do you think? Masterpiece or not? Tell us below….

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