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A spectacular Mysian Stater in Electrum

Early Greek coinage, which had its origins on the coast of Asia Minor, had been produced from the alloy electrum, but was abandoned by most city-states when silver became the preferred metal for the majority of coinage. Some city-states did however continue to produce coinage in electrum and the issues of Kyzikos are perhaps the most famous and spectacular of these.

Kyzikos was a rich trading city-state, due to its location between the Aegean and the Black Sea. Its coinage of electrum staters, a clear expression of its wealth, were produced between about 550-350 B.C. The coins always possess an impressive obverse type, the reverses bearing a quadripartite incuse square, and the flans are invariably thick and, at times, exist in a variety of shapes.A spectacular Mysian Stater in Electrum

Mysia, Kyzikos. EL Stater 16.01gm., c.500-450 BC.  Naked male kneeling left, tunny fish in each hand. Rev:  Quatrapartite incuse square. (Von Fritze 70; Baston 1478) Very Fine.       £6,750

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